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New Spanish App Enables Winemakers to Predict Grape Quality and Quantity

Spanish red wine grapes. @ICEX

A new, innovative tool has been created through a very special partnership between Bodegas Bilbaínas and the Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology (

target="_blank" href="http://www.irta.cat/en/" target="_blank">IRTA) that allows its users to predict both the quality and the quantity of grapes they are going to harvest. The app will help wineries establish quality ranges for grapes, depending on provenance and specific conditions during each campaign.

This project, which began back in 2016, is being co-financed by the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology. The app has been used during the last three winemaking campaigns, the goal being to establish a predictive quality model to improve the production process during the grape harvest, according to elmundo.es. Thanks to this app, winemakers will be able to simplify the process of gathering data in the vineyard, classifying grapes, and planning the grape harvest. Bodegas Bilbaínas was also able to predict the volume of wine it would be able to produce.
The winery has used the app to develop a protocol that allows it to predict the quantity and quality of grapes in specific parts of its vineyards, depending on several factors, such as the water retention in the soil.

This bodega in DOCa Rioja, which has been operating for over a century, is a leading Spanish winery that is committed to excellence, as reflected in its wines. It owns the largest vineyard in all of Haro.


Spanish red wine grapes. @ICEX

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