Smart Agrifood Summit to Highlight Spanish Industry Innovation and Entrepreneurship


The Smart Agrifood Summit is being held on June 20th and 21st and is billed at the leading event for innovation and entrepreneurship within the agrifood sector. It

will be hosted at the Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Málaga, and it has myriad ambitious objectives.

This includes highlighting the latest tech in the industry’s value chain, encouraging cooperation on R&D projects, promoting innovative entrepreneurship in the agrifood industry, providing a meeting point for European initiatives in AgTech, and bringing together innovative ideas and funding. The event will address how the agrifood sector plans to face important issues such as climate change, digital technology, demographic changes, and unequal distribution of resources.

Attendees will mainly be trade professionals in involved in developing crops and livestock, in agricultural tech (Big Data, IoT, cognitive tech, etc.), in food security, as well as entrepreneurs, universities, and investors.

Last year’s summit saw more than 50 investors, 30 exhibitors, 1,000 B2B meetings, 70 projects, 100 speakers, 300 founders and CEOs, and 1,200 participants.

Agrifood Summit 2019