Spanish Chefs Prepare 4- and 8-Hand Dining Experiences in Singapore

Chef Aitor, from Basque Kitchen Aitor. Photo by Basque Kitchen Aitor restaurant

For fans of Basque cuisine and for people in the know, there is a very exciting event taking

shape on June 21st and 22nd. Two culinary heavyweights, Aitor Jerónimo Orive and Josean Alija (Nerua Guggenheim Bilbao), “titans of Basque cuisine,” will be teaming up to offer 4-hands and 8-hands dining experiences this weekend. 

The former, from Michelin-star restaurant Iggy’s and Basque Kitchen by Aitor in Singapore, and the latter, from the Guggenheim Museum’s Michelin-star Nerua restaurant, will create a spectacular menu to be served at Basque Kitchen by Aitor. The two chefs will offer a lunch experience on the Friday and Saturday where guests can expect “creativity, flair, and a copious amount of ingenuity… where Basque heritage dishes get re-invented with a modern twist.”

On Saturday evening, things will get even wilder with an 8-hands collaboration featuring Aitor and Josean along with Chele González, from Gallery by Chele, and Julien Royer, from Odette. Gallery by Chele, which was named one of Asia’s best restaurants, serves modern cuisine made with local ingredients in the Philippines. Odette is a modern French restaurant in Singapore and was named Best Restaurant in Asia 2019. Royer is looking to open a new restaurant in Hong Kong in the future.

Spanish Chef Josean Alija. Photo by Nerua.