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Spanish Restaurant Tinto, in Melbourne, Offers the Best of Catalan Flavors

 Spanish Restaurant Tinto Offers the Best of Catalan Flavors

There’s a Spanish restaurant in Melbourne that’s putting Catalan cuisine, and Spanish flavors in general, in the spotlight and winning over


Tinto, as it’s called, is the leading restaurant in the area according to TripAdvisor—no easy feat. People rave, in particular, about the quality of the food, its authenticity, and also the service and ambiance.

Highlights from the menu include Barcelona fish casserole with potatoes, samphire, saffron, romesco and citrus air, and also coca bread with caramelized onions, roasted pumpkin, goat’s cheese and dukkah. Other dishes from Spain include chorizo in Asturian cider with prunes and peas, Valencian-style paella, and fried squid with squid ink alioli. They also serve a selection of Ibérico charcuterie and cheeses.

Run by Nacho Castells Rusiñol, he sources his ingredients from local producers who grow and make their products with Spanish seeds. Nacho has a lengthy track record in the food industry, having worked at several top restaurants in Spain and also the UK. He is thrilled to be working in Australia as an ambassador for Spanish flavors, preparing traditional dishes with a modern twist which are perfectly adapted to local preferences.

Tinto currently has an interesting promotion, running from February to May, offering a special tasting menu that takes diners on a “culinary journey through the best food and wine producing regions of Spain.” An ambitious proposal that’s very popular with the locals.

Spanish Restaurant Tinto Offers the Best of Catalan Flavors / @Tinto

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